Food Safety

Our Mission Statement
It is our goal to give our customers the finest, most wholesome foods possible.  We are committed taking necessary steps to implement and maintain a sound Food Security Management Program.

Implementation of an effective Food Security program has been required by FDA.  This is a proactive approach to prevent tampering of products.  The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness Response Act of 2002 (the Bioterrorism Act) requires domestic and foreign facilities that manufacture, and process, pack, or hold food for human or animal consumption in the United States to register with the FDA by December 12th, 2003.

At Onion Boy food safety is an integral part or our entire operation.
It includes warehousing, packing, and shipping. It also includes non-production items such as training of employees and training materials.

Food safety is not a static program. It is dynamic in nature. Each and every meeting discusses food safety and each and every management action ensures that food safety not only fits comfortably into the overall objective of Onion Boy, Inc, but that it is also understood and easily executed by each and every employee.

The goal of the hazard program is to institute a proactive food safety system for its operations whereby any potential product hazards are anticipated and controlled from product reception through distribution. Food safety and quality control is the responsibility of all the employees of Onion Boy and affiliated service and product providers. Management has provided the tools and established guidelines for producing safe, wholesome, quality products. All employees are accountable for consistently maintaining these standards.

The hazard program has been established with the help of the company officers. Although the burden of food safety and quality control is in the hands of management and supervisors, all employees serve as inspectors when product moves through their area. Onion Boy’s employees are authorized to hold or reject product found to be out of compliance, subject to evaluation and final approval of authorized management.

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Quality Policy

It is the policy of Onion Boy Inc. to use the Global Food Safety initiative as a base set of quality and security standards from which all applicable processes are developed.  It is our desire to always exceed our customer’s quality specifications and to maintain only the highest level of quality in all of our products.

Description of Responsibilities:

  • C.O.O./ General Manager :  Responsible for the overall direction of the company; Reviews financial status of the company; Overseas packing shed operations; Responsible for maintaining yields and productivity. Acts as a liaison between Owner and Packing Shed Supervisors to assure orders are filled.
  • Owner/C.E.O: Oversees sales and marketing of all products / financial status of company.
  • Food Safety Manager: Responsible for implementation and execution of the Food Safety Management Program. Oversees programs related to quality control, sanitation, and employee training.
  • Office Administrator: Responsible for administrative duties such as invoices and billing.
  • Packing House Supervisor: Oversees the packing operation, trains new line workers, makes sure all orders are filled, and responsible for the rotation of inventories.
  • Shipping and Receiving Officer: Receives product, documents yields, and makes arrangements for shipment of product.
  • Shipping and Receiving Workers:  Follow direction of Shipping/Receiving Officer. Move incoming product to appropriate floor placement, move product to the packing line, and load tucks.
  • Line Supervisors: Make sure packing lines are staffed appropriately, decide when packing line shuts down for breaks or coordinate staffing for continuous production, and assure line workers are appropriately dressed and follow sanitation policy.
  • Line Workers: Sort and pack product. Label boxes with packing codes.